Mondello beach and Pellegrino mountain

The small town of Mondello provides a beautiful beach and seaside area close to Palermo's city center. Its beach lies between two cliffs called Mount Gallo and Mount Pellegrino. During the last years of the 19th century the town grew into a favourite tourist destination. It won the favor of the most influential local families. Because of that visitors can find numerous Liberty style villas on the seafront promenade and a beautiful Liberty bathhouse. Mondello is considered one of the gems of Art Nouveau in Europe.

Mondello beach, the long summer of Palermo

The official bathing season in Mondello begins in late June and ends with August. During this period seasonal bathhouses are open all along the promenade. The beach is also endowed with small wooden cabins available for renting, showers and toilets. In June and August the beach is alive and crowded almost all day and night. Palermo loves its beach and people of every age find relax and fun on the shore and in the town.

The lovely Sicilian weather allows to begin the bathing season longer before June. It is  usual to see people swimming and enjoying the shore already in April! This makes the summer of Palermo a very long one. As soon as the temperature is warm enough the beach becomes alive. All the beach is available for relaxing and the water is usually crystal clear. The soft sand and the astonishing environment makes the best experience out of a casual warm day, even in winter. If you want to find summer in May or in September, Palermo is the place to go.

Mondello Beach close to Palermo in Sicily

The architecture and the old fishing village

Mondello originated from a small fishing village called Valdesi. The village is still there with its small harbor run by fishermen. Many typical restaurants offer delicious fish dishes on the promenade. A small place in front of the harbor is the most favorite spot to finish your walking with an ice-cream or a coffee

The old fishing village Valdesi, close to Mondello, in Palermo, Sicily

It is usual to get to Valdesi after an approx. 1.5 km walk along the beach. All along the walk you will encounter beautiful examples of Liberty villas. The Art Nouveau villas characterize the architecture of the place, making it an important landmark in the history of international modernism. The Antico Stabilimento Balneare, or Old Bathhouse, is the most astonishing example of such architecture. It stands over the sea with it's bright colors and pleasant architecture.

The Liberty old Bathhouse in Mondello, Palermo, Sicily

What can you do in Mondello

Mondello has numerous yacht clubs and exclusive clubs, restaurants, shops, a marina and an old bathhouse. Apart from bathing it offers many occasion of fun and relax, like sailing or windsurf courses, beach volley tournaments and the likes. It is close to the city, very easy to reach and can be very regenerating even to enjoy just a walk along the beach. Many clubs open during spring and summer making the area interesting also for night life.

When should you visit Palermo to enjoy Mondello beach

Mondello is a beautiful place to visit almost all year long. If you aim to enjoy seaside at its finest and go swimming, we suggest late spring or early autumn. If you want to get the best from summer life and clubbing, well of course you shall come during summer. For a regenerating walk in a beautiful environment or unexpected swimming in January winter is a perfect timing.

Mondello beach and seaside in Palermo

Directions from Palermo City Center to Mondello Beach

During spring and summer the 806 bus will take you directly from Politeama square to the beach of Mondello.